Sex, Danger, and Dana Scully
"[B]iological sexuality and women are often absent from science fiction film narratives, and when they do turn up they tend to be disaffiliated from each that biological sexuality is not linked to human women and human women are not perceived as sexual." (Sobchack 1990, 103)


Strange Fruit | Punk Maneuverability

Scully contemplates pomegranates, kissing, and Mulder.

Sinking back down she looked up at him, at her fingerprints on his shirt, at his smile, which was stained red, curved with delight. Mulder, who had come out of nowhere and now stood in her kitchen seven years later.

Phoenix | Fialka

Scully goes out for a drink and has a good time with the bartender.

"Have you been with a woman before?"

Her face is flushed and her eyes are the colour of a windswept sky. "Yes," she answers, and those steady blues say she's not lying. "But not for a very long time."

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy | Jenna

A story that deals with Scully's frigidity, caused by her experience with date rape. Mulder takes Scully to a cottage in Vermont during the Christmas season for a romantic getaway, including the joys of sex and a pair of ghostly lovers. Mulder also reveals to Scully his knowledge about her infertility; although his reticence initially infuriates her, their new relationship endures.

"He turned me over and I started to crawl away, and he kicked me. So I was doubled over and near-throwing up and seeing double from my head, and he pushed my face into the dirt and raped me." She stops and her chest hitches a little, but her eyes don't leave mine. "And when he was done, he said, 'Baby, you were pretty good.'"

Blue Lights | J. C. Sun

Scully has an appointment with Krycek.

This story refers in passing to the death of A.D. Skinner, an event that does not happen on The X-Files. It could therefore be categorized as Alternate Universe.

Underneath her tongue, the scarred tissue is smooth, slick, lacking in texture: a slip of plastic plated over real flesh, without warmth, a thick layer of inorganic substance that is welded to the real stuff. Lightly probing, she seeks the joint, and finds a small protrusion, a puckered edge, and she picks at this with the edge of her teeth.

Eat It Too | Rachel Anton

Scully gets dressed up and bakes a cake for Mulder's birthday. A lot of smut ensues.

"Mulder, you’ve got a big blob of icing on your stomach."

He looks at me curiously and I point towards it. His eyes lower and rise and his tongue darts out to moisten his lips. His mouth opens and then closes as if he was going to say something and changed his mind. Then he changes it again.

"You want it Scully?"

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